Children's Dentistry in Streamwood, IL

Gentle Dental Care for Children

Children’s dentistry, also known as pediatric dentistry, should start at a young age. Providing a good foundation for your child’s dental care can help them experience fewer issues with their smile well into adulthood. Dr. Fitz provides excellent children’s dental care at New Image Dental.

When to Bring Your Child to the Dentist

The American Dental Association recommends bringing your child to the dentist as soon as their first tooth comes in, or by their first birthday. The purpose of the first dental visit is mainly to help your child become comfortable with seeing the dentist.

Our friendly dental team would be happy to meet your child at any point in their dental journey. We always prioritize giving our youngest patients a great experience. 

Common Children’s Dentistry Procedures

For the most part, your child’s dental exams will look a lot like yours once they have all their teeth. They will visit Dr. Fitz twice a year for cleanings, check-ups, and annual X-Rays. Other common children’s dentistry procedures include: 


Dental sealants are a thin, dental-grade resin coating that we’ll place on some of your child’s teeth. This safe material acts as a shield against harmful bacteria, preventing future cavities from forming in the hard-to-brush parts of your child’s teeth. Sealants can last for over 10 years with proper care and are easily replaced if something happens to them.


A custom mouthguard is recommended for anyone who participates in sports that may cause damage to the face, mouth, and teeth. If your child plays football, baseball, hockey, or any other contact sport, we can fit them for a mouthguard that will keep their smiles safe. 

A custom mouthguard offers more protection than anything you can purchase over the counter. They’re also more subtle and make speaking easier than store-bought solutions. Since a custom mouthguard will be more comfortable for your child, they’ll be much more likely to wear it when necessary. 

New Image Dental Cares About Childrens’ Smiles

We love getting to know our youngest patients here at New Image Dental. If your child is ready for a pediatric dentistry appointment, call us at (630) 837-0887 to set something up today.

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