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Why Dental Technology Matters

Here at New Image Dental, we’ve been providing state-of-the-art dental care to our patients in Streamwood and surrounding areas in Illinois. Dentistry certainly looks a lot different now than it did 30 years ago. That’s why we always do our best to stay up-to-date on current trends to ensure our patients receive the highest quality of care possible.

The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, also known as technology, has always been a core component of dentistry. Learn about the advanced dental technologies used here at New Image Dental. 


Cone-beam computed tomography systems, or CBCT, are a variation of traditional CT systems used in dental offices. Using CBCT, Dr. Fitz can evaluate your tooth’s underlying bone structure as well as the nerve pathways and surrounding soft tissues. 

During a CBCT scan, the imaging machine rotates entirely around your head to capture up to 200 wide-ranging images—in less than a minute! These images are then immediately compiled into a single 3D image. CBTC scans use radiation, but they use far less than traditional CT scanners. 

Dr. Fitz may recommend a CBCT scan if:

  • You’re being evaluated for dental implants. 
  • You’re having some gum issues and gum disease is suspected.
  • You’re having mysterious mouth pain.

Digital X-Rays

Dental X-rays are a very important part of your regular dental exam. These images can help the dentist diagnose issues that could otherwise lead to tooth decay or even tooth loss. Digital X-rays have a similar process to traditional X-rays, but they’re clearer, faster, and far more cost-effective. We’re happy to use digital X-rays here at our Streamwood, IL office. 

CEREC Dental Milling Machine

Dental mills are designed to cut crowns, bridges, and frameworks from materials like ceramic, alloy, resin, and zirconia. Milling machines can now do what was once impossible—create a new, customized dental crown in a single office visit.

Here at New Image Dental, we use the CEREC milling machine while synchronizing it with CEREC software. Your crown is completed in four easy steps:

  1. You’ll have a mouth scan using the CEREC machine, which will deliver precise 3D images in natural color.
  2. After your scan is analyzed, the CEREC software will design outstanding dental restoration proposals.
  3.  Next, the CEREC grinding and milling unit and the CEREC software are optimally matched. Your bridge or crown is then created through a very precise process. 
  4. Finally, the restoration is sintered and glazes in the CEREC SpeedFire. And thanks to this modern technology, you’ll have a new dental crown or bridge in a day. 

Soft Tissue Lasers 

Laser dentistry has many benefits including soft tissue laser dentistry. The use of soft tissue lasers can help target the affected areas more easily, leading to less swelling, pain, and bleeding. The lasers can help with soft tissue surgery, periodontal disease treatment, and frenectomies—which rarely require anesthesia when performed with a soft tissue laser. 

Advanced Dental Care in Streamwood, IL

New Image Dental has been providing patients with the most modern dental care possible for over 30 years. If you’re looking for quality dental care in Streamwood, call our office today at (630) 837-0887 or complete a contact form online. 

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